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Bighorn Energy believes in a hydrogen future that is built on strong partnerships with one clear goal: reducing the carbon footprint and providing a clean energy source.

We are moving toward this goal by supporting all aspects of the hydrogen value chain. Namely, we created an ecosystem consisting of existing, proven, high-quality equipment within the hydrogen industry.

Bighorn Energy enjoys working closely with our clients to create an infrastructure that fits their specific needs.

Focused on energy

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Hydrogen is a versatile and clean energy source that can be used in various sectors to address environmental and energy-related challenges.

Hydrogen Benefits

Clean Energy

Hydrogen is a fuel is clean and sustainable energy carrier that plays a major role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Storage

Hydrogen has the ability to store vast amounts of renewable energy for long durations. Stored hydrogen can be utilized for peak demand and seasonal energy balancing.


Hydrogen can be used in various applications e.g. primary power, back up power, motor vehicles, logistics, heating making it a versatile solution for different sectors.


The hydrogen ecosystem provides an alternative to traditional fossil fuels, contributing to energy diversification and security.

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Bighorn Energy believes in supporting all aspects of a modern-day hydrogen ecosystem by leveraging innovation and strategic partnerships. Our ecosystems consist of one of our customizable micro-hub refuelling stations and specific appliances that fit our client's needs. 

Key Ecosystem Areas

  • Airport, Logistic Facility Equipment

  • Hydrogen Vehicles

  • Camping & Parks

  • Fueling & Distribution

  • Onsite & Backup Power

  • Warehouse Forklifts & Power

To learn more about our custom hydrogen ecosystems for your industry please contact us!

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Generation Plant

Bighorn Energy will soon begin producing fuel-cell grade green hydrogen at our generation plant in Crossfield, Alberta. Hydrogen will be produced by electrolysis using electricity from the grid (clients can select green/grid). 

Our existing oil and gas infrastructure can conveniently be used for hydrogen storage.

Micro Hubs

Bighorn Energy offers two versions of our Hydrogen Micro Hub: OMEGA and Lite. Each hub is designed uniquely to fit our client’s specific hydrogen needs. Both hubs are available in 350 bar or 700 bar and provide consumer grade fuel cell hydrogen.


Bighorn Energy’s Hydrogen Micro Hub OMEGA are fully self-contained and that produce consumer-grade hydrogen, with storage capacity scaled to suit the customer’s needs. These hubs give clients the flexibility to have their hydrogen production at one single site or multiple sites utilizing multiple OMEGA hubs.


Bighorn Energy's Hydrogen Micro Hub Lite fueling station offers clients the flexibility to expand hydrogen capacity as their demand grows by adding additional storage to their pod and/or adding additional pods. The stations are semi-permanent, which allows them to be relocated as needed.

Micro Hub Lite reduces safety concerns by eliminating hydrogen generation on site. Hydrogen is generated offsite at the Bighorn Energy generation facility in Crossfield. On-site, a client’s location houses an intrinsically safe storage pod with a dispenser post/island.

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The hydrogen ecosystem offers a promising pathway towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Hydrogen addresses environmental concerns, enhances energy security, fosters innovation and economic growth, and plays a pivotal role in the global transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.

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